Chapter Most likely, he knows where put a body background, but now it cannot contact it.

Having inspected a disorder in a bedroom the son, Donna gives up.

She hopes that on the way to work there will be no nickname ky troubles and it it is not necessary to regret that with it there is no phone.

Chapter .

Importance of organizational skills, strong and weaknesses Dancing occupation of tenyearold Mindi ended minutes ago.

Parents took away all pupils home, and her father still it is not visible.

Mindi goes backwards forward along a corridor, looking in a window and stopping every time, when by passes the car suddenly it is the father.

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Inter do a half

Inter do a half One and a half years in independent voice baby has okolo words, in years words.

Inter do a half and two years the proposals, the state Asia them two or three words.

Most phrases pronounced in the affirmative.

In the third year of life, children consider in books pictures, listen to to minutes history, understand the value in the words of big, small.

They not only increases to a stock of commonly used words, but appears strem the submission to the creation of new words new words are invented.

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After a brief

After a brief The next class, Denis has not brought the figure, reasons shall be given the ROI that had not yet been invented, what will the tale.

After a brief conversation about matters in the kindergarten and home and create an appropriate atmosphere psychologist continued the job.

Psychologist you Want me to tell you the continuation of the story?

Denis I Want.

Psychologist it so Happened that sandy has not become a mother she died.

Together with the Pope, they buried her.

Deniska They covered it with sticks?

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In difference

In difference The best mode of starvation for children is short hour constants hungry days once a week or time in days.

In difference from long courses of treatment, progress comes more slowly, but improvement more steadily.

This method sparing.

And children spontaneously resort to to this method at various toxicoses, sharp diseases gastro intestinal path and other serious conditions.

With big efficiency the method day starvation was carried out at kidney patients, especially with brightly the expressed edematous syndrome.

Hypostases against a bed rest and lack of food but not drink!

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Green all forests, sa, sa, sa, sa, sa, sa. On the table

Green all forests, sa, sa, sa, sa, sa, sa. On the table Add the matching rhyme need the same number of syllables.

Says an adult child Says The wall is spit, sa, sa, sa, sa, sa, sa.

Stop, broke a wheel with with with with with with.

Scary night in the forest, su su su su su su.

We have polluted noses, Fuzhou Fuzhou Fuzhou, Fuzhou Fuzhou Fuzhou.

Green all forests, sa, sa, sa, sa, sa, sa.

On the table are scales, Fuzhou Fuzhou Fuzhou, Fuzhou Fuzhou Fuzhou.

Bag mother will bring, su su su su su su.

Securing the pronunciation of sound in various direct syllables After adult clearly, slowly repeat different syllabic the bells and whistles.

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